Webinar May 30th, 2012

Rob Ruijtenbeek, Ph.D. is vice president Research & Development at PamGene International and works as group leader Proteomics at University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. He is affiliated with the medicinal chemistry and chemical biology group at the pharmacy faculty, where he supervises PhD and postdoc projects in proteomics. He holds a M.Sc. degree in biochemistry and organic chemistry, and has a number of published scientific publications.

“Advances in cell signaling research and biomarker discovery.”
The speaker presented a multiplex kinase activity assay system, which uses a three-dimensional flow-through microarray platform. This system allows the measurement of kinase activity in a variety of sample types, and includes sophisticated software for data interpretation and statistical analysis. During this seminar the applications in kinase activity profiling have been presented. The context was signal transduction research in general and biomarker discovery in oncology in particular.


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