Webinar October 3rd, 2012

Dr. Christopher Willey is a radiation oncologist from The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Comprehensive Cancer Center who will present on kinomic profiling approaches to identify Trk as a novel radiation modulator. He is a physician scientist who is the director of the UAB Kinome Core and his research focuses on understanding the kinase-driven signaling pathways in both preclinical and clinical model systems in both cancer and non-cancer human diseases. Dr. Christopher Willey’s goal is to integrate kinomics with other high content data sets to develop personalized medicine approaches in the clinic while also identifying novel targets for drug development.




Ionizing radiation treatment is used in over half of all cancer patients, thus determining the mechanisms of response or resistance is critical for the development of novel treatment approaches. In recent years, tumor vascular targeting has been identified as an important approach to cancer therapy. Because the vascular endothelium is rather radiation resistant, we sought to better understand the molecular mechanisms that define this condition in hopes of identifying novel targets for modulating radiation response. In this webinar, I will talk about our identification of Trk as a novel regulator of radiation response in vascular endothelium through the use of PamGene technology.