The PamStation®12

The PamStation®12 is a fully automated instrument designed for processing PamChip 4 microarrays. It is controlled by a dedicated computer which comes with advanced software for data analysis, called the BioNavigator. The instrument is CE marked.

 Key attributes:

  • Fully integrated incubation, washing and image acquisition.
  • Dimensions are 49cm (height) x 66cm (width) x 58cm (depth), weight is 82 kgs.
  • Instrument is controlled by dedicated computer with proprietory software (Evolve; included).
  • Real-time detection offers unique capability of generating kinetic data on enzyme/substrate interactions.
  • Easy to operate, very limited maintenance required.


Kinase Assays
Detailed information and documents for kinase assays can be accessed with PamCloud Login.




PamGene developed 2 software packages which are installed on  the computer that comes with the instrument: Evolve (for running the instrument) and BioNavigator (for data analysis). BioNavigator enables easy data capture and analysis using built-in statistical tools, and uses simple drag-and-drop procedures to compare acquired data to existing external databases.


The PamStation12 instrument is installed by PamGene technical support staff, and validated on-site. Users are trained on application of the instrument, as well as use of the software packages. Additional training for new users and specific training on specific protocols can be provided separately, either on-site, online or at Pamgene's headquarters in the Netherlands.