Welcome to the PamAcademy

To empower you to become a successful user of our technology we designed several training modules. To master the entire PamGene workflow three training levels have to be completed: Basic (PTK, STK, NHR), Advanced Data analysis and Advanced Biological interpretation.


Training goals            

The training consists of different levels in mastering the PamGene technology, ranging from basic to advanced levels. 

When you complete each level you are able to:

Basic (PTK, STK, NHR) Advanced data analysis Advanced biological interpretation
  • Understand the basics of the PamGene technology and workflow.
  • Use the basic protocols and experimental designs required to apply the technology.
  • Understand the basics of data analysis using our proprietary BioNavigator software.
  • Adapt the techology to your research needs and plans.
  • Optimize and adapt workflows for specific experiments. Select experimental designs for specific experiments.
  • Perform basic analysis, quality control and visualization, of your PamChip data with BioNavigator 6
  • Work independently on the research workflow.
  • Perform advanced analysis , quality control and visuzalization of your PamChip data with Bionavigator 6. Adapt standard workflows to specific needs. Build workflows for specific needs using PamApps.
  • Apply advanced biological interpretation (upstream kinases, pathways).
Costs and availability

When you use our technology for your research, the content of thesePamAcademy levels will be available.  We have training resources on the PamCloud: From Sample prep to PamChip assays and data analysis, you can fine-tune your research.

Onsite basic training is included in the purchase of the PamGene technology and available on request.

Together we will define your training needs according to your research questions and goals. An education and tailored training plan will be developed, which could either take place at PamGene, online, or at your research site.

In development

For each level quizzes, tests,  and/ or assignments will help test the skills acquired at the PamAcademy, and enable the knowledge to be directly applied by the researcher in a skillful way.

For further information, please contact us: Email: Savithri Rangarajan