Poster presentation during the 2nd Nordic Proteomics Symposium
During the 2nd Proteomics Symposium in Copenhagen, from 27-29 November, 2011 Rob Ruijtenbeek, PamGenes Head of Research, presented a poster on tumour tissue profiling.

The submitted abstract was called: "Tumor tissue profiling at the drug targeting level: kinase activity". The poster can be seen as a summary of the latest results of the PamGene technology. It shows that kinase activities are detected in protein extracts from patient derived tumour tissue by monitoring multiple peptide phosphorylation reactions on the peptide microarray. Additionally, the effect of a kinase inhibitor drug can be assessed in the same samples.

Rob Ruijtenbeek: “The attendants are mostly protein researchers. At this moment, the most commonly used technique shows only if proteins are present, but it can’t elucidate the activity of the kinases. The PamGene technology can, and that might be of great interest to them.”
View the abstract here.
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