Kinase profiling to understand and combat the new COVID-19 virus
Corona viruses are a major cause of respiratory illness and the novel COVID-19 strain has caused a worldwide pandemic outbreak, posing a threat to public health. Every step of the virus replication cycle depends on signalling pathways involved in the host’s response to viral infections.
Kinases play a significant role in the regulation of viral infection, immune response and inflammation. To name a few, PKC, ERK, PI3K and FAK kinases regulate viral entry and replication, and IKK, JNK and p38 MAPK mediate expression of antiviral chemokines and cytokines.
The functional role of kinases is exactly what PamGene’s kinase activity profiling approach is aimed for. It can be used not only to elucidate viral mechanism of action, but also to obtain prognostic biomarkers of host response. For example, patients who display a range of symptoms can be compared, and those at risk for a poor prognosis identified. The feasibility of repurposing already-approved kinase-targeting or alternate drugs, towards anti-viral treatments could also be evaluated on our platform.
PamGene is now working with collaborators in Europe and the U.S. to unravel relevant mechanisms of COVID-19- Host interactions, and develop biomarkers that could prove useful in prognosis and therapy response. If you are interested to join our efforts, we welcome you to get in touch with us. Please write to us at the following:
Martijn Dankers
V.P. Sales
Image on the left is adapted from the CDC.
Image below is from a publication from our collaborators.
Ninio L et al (2019) Cells. 5;8(11)