New Protein Tyrosine Kinase PamChip released
October 16th, 2017: PamGene has released a new redesigned Protein Tyrosine Kinase PamChip, the PTK-196, with additional peptides and increased coverage.

The PTK-196 PamChip retains 95% of the current PamChip but features additional peptides, an improvement of the content!

Current PTK PamChip (86312)
12 x 12 grid: 144 peptides

Update the existing generic PTK chip with additional peptides with other/ new phosphosites

  • Phosphosites for novel targets (Literature, Knowledge databases)
  • Improving phosphosites in pathway analyses (e.g.: GeneGO) 
  • Complementary sites to the PamGene Phosphatase chip (to be released)
  • Increase substrate range for existing kinases

Content Changes in PTK-196
  • 2 peptides in current chip redesigned
  • 7 peptides removed 
  • 59 new peptides added
  • Total peptide spots = (144-7+59=196
New PTK-196 PamChip (86402)
14 x 14 grid: 196 peptides


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