PamChips for interrogating the human kinome
A recent review in Biochemical Society Transactions has described PamGene's kinome profiling technology as one of the "advanced" and a "primary" technology currently used for kinome analysis...
The authors discuss potential applications as well as the challenges of investigating the kinome, and interpreting the data. How ideal is a peptide to serve as an effective kinase substrate? The substrate to kinase relationship is not a simple one, as more than one kinase can phosphorylate more than one substrate and each peptide substrate can be phosphorylated by multiple kinases. Kinases have different specificity and efficiency in recognizing target motifs. Is the extent of phosphorylation interpreted to reflect relative activity or abundance of the modfiying kinase? How do the technologies reflect the true biological complexity that are interwoven in the real kinome?

Technological advances for interrogating the human kinome. Baharani A, Trost B, Kusalik A, Napper S. (2017) Biochem Soc Trans. Feb 8;45(1):65-77