2016 in Review
PamGene links to new applications in 2016
Review over a dozen publications that have described numerous applications of the PamGene technology in fundamental, biomarker, clinical and discovery research.
Kinases and Phosphatases

Nuclear Receptors

PamGene offers services in the up and rising field of Immuno-Oncology. We are involved in several clinical biomarker studies in which retrospectively or prospectively tumor  and blood samples of patients, including kinase and immune checkpoint inhibitors were analysed for their kinase and phosphatase activity profiles. These studies showed that for several cancer types the observed activity profiles of the tissues or blood could be correlated to the (non) response to specific tumor therapies.


PamGene’s diagnostics portfolio is rapidly evolving. We have shown proof of concept now in several cancer programs with various clinical partners in the Netherlands and abroad. Using activity-based cell signalling biomarkers we focus on prediction of therapy response. We are currently involved in multiple clinical biomarker studies and collaborating with several national and international centers. With these novel biomarkers on the horizon, we see exciting prospects in the diagnostics area for the next years and we will bring you regular updates on our research. Please contact us on partnerships or to learn more on the application of the peptide platform in clinical practice.