Which kinases phosphorylate peptides on the PamChip?
Kinase activity profiling with PamChip peptide microarrays can be used to study signal transduction in lysates of cell lines and clinical samples. Peptides on the PamChip arrays represent phospho-sites in the human proteome. Phosphorylation of peptides by tyrosine (PTK) or serine-threonine (STK) kinases that are active in a sample is detected in the kinase activity profiling assay.
PamGene is developing tools ("PamApps" for our proprieatary BioNavigator software) to analyse which putative “upstream” kinases, phosphorylate peptides on the PamChip® microarray using PTM databases such as HPRD, PhosphoSitePlus or data bases with in-silico predictions of which PhosphoNET contains predictions for a relatively large number of kinases.

Some of these tools are highlighted in a Poster presented at the at the BioSB Conference (May 20-21, 2015, in Lunteren, The Netherlands). You can download the Poster here: