As a clinician...
...Do you:
  • Want to study kinase signatures in your patients?
  • Want to study the sensitivity to kinase inhibitors ex vivo?
  • Want to predict response to therapy in patients?

The PamGene technology can:

  • measure kinase activity rather than presence of kinases in cell lysates using the PamChip peptide arrays. It therefore also allows you to study the effect of existing or experimental kinase inhibitors on samples.
  • be applied to many different cell types, varying from PBMCs, frozen or fresh tumor biopsies, cell lines,xenogradts etc. without the need for complex sample preparation steps.  
  • be used on clinical samples since it only needs 10.000 cells (or 1 mm3 of biopsy material) as input, compared to 108 cells for mass spec. This facilitates translational research.
  • help you analyze your data using its proprietary software called BioNavigator. This software allows to compare your results to any known protein database, and has several built-in statistical tools. BioNavigator facilitates visualization, computation, sharing and storage of your results in an insightful way.

Please go to the Scientific research section of this website to review publications and the Applications section for application notes and videos of the PamGene technology.

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