BioNavigator is PamGene's powerful software tool for interpretation of PamChip® measurements with its capabilities including: Visualization, Computation, Storage and Sharing.

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BioNavigator is the unique tool for performing data analysis for many types of PamChip® experiments. It treats data analysis as a connection of modular series of data transformation steps, called a data analysis protocol. BioNavigator creates and executes data analysis protocols. There is the choice of either using pre-existent standard data analysis protocols or creating customized versions. Once a data analysis protocol is executed it produces a rich set of visualizations and computations. Each modular step in the protocol uses a unique and flexible visualization concept called a cross tab view . The cross tab view is used to select and group the required data for visualization or computation.


Features of BioNavigator6
        Box plot
        Line graphs
        Peptide profiles
        Kinetic Curves
        Concentration Curves
        User defined using R
        Image analysis
        Basic stats(mean, median, stdev...)
        Univarate (t-test, anova,..)
        Mulitvarate (pca, pls-da,..)
        Kinetic analysis (curvefitting,..)
        Does Response Curves
        User defined stats using R
        User defined stats using Matlab
BioNavigator saves raw measurements, processed data and data analysis protocols, and associated documents into a repository.
The entire repository is searched quickly using one web based search interface.
The repository is a great way to centralize all PamChip® data in one location and thus easy sharing.
The complete contents of a data analysis protocol or repository is easily shared with research colleagues by either:
• Exporting a data analysis protocol
• Direct link using a web address to the repository

Benefits of BioNavigator6

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