As a researcher...

...are you:

  • Interested in finding new signalling pathways?
  • Looking for ways to study biological pathways rather than detecting presence of kinases?
  • Trying to transfer your insights from a model system to the clinic?

The PamGene technology can:

  • truly measure any kinase activity, since all known kinase substrates are represented on 1 single peptide array. Kinases are detected based on their phosphorylating activity instead of their presence using specific antibodies. This allows for quick identification of new pathways. 
  • help you in analyzing your data using PamGene's proprietary software called BioNavigator. This software allows you to compare your results to any know protein database, and has several statistical tools built-in. The same software facilitates computation, visualization, sharing or storage of your results in a simple fashion.  
  • be used on both cell lines and animal or clinical samples without the need for complex pretreatment. It only needs 10.000 cells as input, and the same system is used for any application, making translational research a lot easier. 
  • be implemented easily in your lab, since chip disposables as well as the instrument and software are ready to use and easy to operate.

Please go to the Scientific research section of this website to review publications and the Applications section for application notes and videos of the PamGene technology.

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