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PamGene has a unique proprietary array-based platform to measure the activities of kinases & nuclear receptors, enabling deeper understanding of drug interactions with these important classes of signalling molecules. PamGene's patented technology finds a wide range of applications including lead identification and optimization, (pre) clinical  translational research and biomarker development.


VitrOmics Healthcare Services

PamGene's partner VitrOmics Healthcare Services (VHS), a company established in 2010 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, in cooperation with VitrOmics Healthcare Holding (VHH), is concentrating its efforts on the development of diagnostic products based on the PamChip technology platform for application in personalized medicine. VHS is seeking opportunities for developing the most informative companion diagnostics to support better patient stratification.

VHS uses PamGene's microarray platform in their clinical work to study the proteins in individual tumors of patients to assess their sensitivity towards certain targeted drugs and in search of new prognostic biomakers. For instance, VHS has embarked with the Free University in Amsterdam on a clinical program to determine the molecular makeup of individual tumors. 

If you too are interested in collaborating on the clinical applications of the PamGene technology, you may contact VHS directly.