About PamCloud

PamCloud is about connecting researchers to the knowledge, best practices, lessons learned and expertise related to PamGene technology. This knowledge is often residing in the minds of individual researchers. This is why it is essential to connect people by creating a platform for sharing. PamCloud is that platform for our users.

 The PamCloud contains:

  • The PamWiki: an online encyclopedia filled with information on kinases and nuclear receptors, details on the PamGene technology and data interpretation
  • The PamDatabase: contains all information on kinases and nuclear receptors retrieved from literature and public databases.
  • PamTraining: all training material required for working with PamGene technology
  • PamForum: a place where you can share information with and ask questions to other PamCloud members.
  • Conference news: reports, blogs and videos on several conferences that members of the Cloud attended.

The scope and quality of the content of PamCloud is based on a continuous and collaborative effort. We therefore appreciate your feedback and support to continue to develop the PamCloud to support its community. Please send us your feedback and suggestion by email.


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