Welcome to our company

PamGene has developed new applications on her patented technology platform that measures cellular kinase activity as well as nuclear receptor activity broadly. This enables more understanding of drug interactions with these important classes of signalling molecules.

PamGene's technology is widely in use in support of drug R&D for elucidation of drug-target interactions and in support of clinical trials as a drug activity based biomarker platform, which is a paradigm shift from the more traditional biomarkers that only focus on presence of certain RNA, DNA or protein molecules and not their activity nor the interaction with the drug.

PamGene is an innovator in the field of personalized medicine. In summary, use of our technology and products aim to help to create better medicines and help to pre-select patients that actually have benefit from the medicne. In order to achieve this in practice we support:

  • research groups to discover new drug targets, optimise lead compounds and understand the mechanism of action of these compounds using cell line models.
  • toxicology groups with mechanistic tox studies and classical tox studies in an attempt to replace certain animal testing
  • translational biomarker groups in their goal to deliver leads and relevant PD and classification biomarkers to the clinic
  • patient classification for clinical trials.