Tyrosine Kinase PamChip

Tyrosine Kinase PamChip® Array for PamStation®12 consists of 196 peptides with known phosphorylation sites, representing 100 different proteins. Peptide sequences are derived from literature or computational predictions and are correlated with one or multiple upstream kinases. 


PamChip Content, Protein Tyrosine Kinase Arrays

PamChip 86402 


(196 peptides)


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PamChip Assays

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PamChip PTK Assay Principle

Kinase(s) in the sample (recombinant, cell or tissue lysate) actively phosphorylate substrates on the PamChip®, in the presence of ATP. A FITC-conjugated PY20 antibody, present in the reaction mix is used to detect the phosphorylated Tyr to quantify the phosphorylation signal. Images are taken every 5 minutes to generate real time kinetics data.