Read the opinion of external experts

PamGene has been collaborating with over a hundred academical and industrial research groups worldwide. Here are some of their opinions about our product and technologies.


Prof. Dr. Anne Hansen Ree, MD PhD

Akershus University Hospital

Department of Oncology

Oslo, Norway.



Author quote: "Multiplex kinase activity profiling using PamGene's kinase arrays suggested we can identify functional biomarkers predictive of tumor response to radiotherapy in patients with rectal cancer." Publication.

Future studies: "New rectal cancer studies will be performed to confirm our results and in particular, the ability to identify patients who may not benefit from radiation."

Prof. Dr. Hans Morreau.

Department of Pathology

Leiden University Medical Center

Leiden, The Netherlands.


  Author Quote: “As a wide variety of kinase inhibitors are currently available for treatment of various types of cancers, we hope to improve the selection of patients that are eligible for these expensive drugs using PamGene’s kinase activity platform. "
Future studies: “Profiling thyroid and adrenocortical carcinoma tumors on PamGene’s based kinase activity platform. Spiking in of kinase inhibitor compounds will lead to identify response profiles."

Prof. Dr. Eveline de Bont, MD

Department of pediatric oncology

Beatrix Childrens Hospital,

Groningen, The Netherlands.


Author Quote: “We successfully used the tyrosine PamChip based kinase activity screening technique, identifying already described active signaling routes and, importantly, new potential targets for leukemia treatment.” Publication 2009, publication 2010.
Future studies: “In the era of a rapidly increasing number of small molecule inhibitors, the tyrosine kinase activity profiling method might be of value as a rapid screen for potential druggable targets in a broad range of malignancies, and in the development of more individualized treatment approaches.”

Dr. Pieter van der Velden

Department of Ophtamology

Leiden University Medical Center

Leiden, The Netherlands.


 Author Quote: “With the tyrosine PamChip arrays we identified Src as a determinant of ERK1/2 activation and showed that Src expression and kinase activity, together with ERK1/2 activation, are reduced in uveal melanoma metastases cell lines.” Publication.
Future studies: “As initial analysis of uveal melanoma was based on cell lines of primary uveal melanoma and metastatic melanoma we will start the validation on primary tumour tissue.”

Dr. Houke M. Klomp. MD

Netherlands Cancer Institute/

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


 Author Quote: “Patient selection for EGFR-TKI treatment could be improved by in vitro prediction of response in tumor material of individual patients. Using PamChip arrays we generated responder profiles associated with erlotinib response”. Publication 2012.
Future studies: "These responder profiles regarding inhibitory effects at the kinase level of individual tumor tissue will be tested prospectively to enable personalized medicine approach."