Our Services: Providing Comprehensive Solutions
PamGene collaborates with a number of research groups, both in academia and industry. We develop productive partnerships with academic centers and hospitals as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
Through our SRS (Scientific Research Studies) services, we provide comprehensive solutions for an "array" of questions. Please navigate through the left menu for more on our Kinase Services or Nuclear Receptor Services (MARCoNI Screening).
You have so many choices: Why work with PamGene?
  • Technology advantages: PamGene's flow through technology provides a differentiating platform with protein activity measurements in real time. There is an additional new dimension of the possibility to perform "On Chip Pharmacology".
  • High throughput: We offer the exclusive PamStation96 platform, where many samples can be simultaneously processed in a robust manner. Complex data from such large data sets can be relevantly interpreted with our own powerful software BioNavigator.
  • Customer-centric: There is no 'one-size fits all'. We will discuss your goals and questions, then together will develop experimental design and strategy to address them. We will provide tailor-made reports that will help you move to the next level.
  • Expertise: We have a strong scientific background, evident from the rising number of publications applying our technology. We have data analysis experts who will help you gain new insights and reach greater heights.

The road to discovery and innovation can be long and tough. 
Let US make the difference.

Because we can.


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