Scientific Advisors

PamGene's Scientific Advisory Board is providing scientific direction to PamGene with respect to new applications for our microarray format. The board consists of internationally recognized scientists: Bob Pinedo and Bertrand Jordan. They have very relevant knowledge of PamGene's scientific and business development like oncology, infectious diseases, bioinformatics, genetics, pharmaceutical research and development, immunology and proteomics. The Scientific Advisory Board helps PamGene to extend its scientific and commercial network and to signal opportunities for its technology and products.

Dr Bob Pinedo, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Medical Oncology (retired), Director of the VU University Medical Center (VUmc) Cancer Center Amsterdam

Herbert M Pinedo, M.D., Ph.D., is Professor of Medical Oncology, Chairman of the Board at the Cancer Center Amsterdam, Free University of Amsterdam.

He is a member of the British Royal Society of Medicine and The Royal Dutch Academy of Science and Arts, where he is Chairman of the Board of the Medical Division. He has served on the boards of a number of pharmaceutical companies. He founded the New Drug Development Office - Oncology, which coordinates early clinical trials with anticancer agents internationally.

He was the first President of the Federation of European Cancer Societies, and Past President to the European Society of Medical Oncology.

He co-founded the Annals of Oncology and The Oncologist and is the Co-Editor of Current Opinion in Anticancer Drugs. He serves on numerous editorial boards including Clinical Cancer Research, and Journal of Clinical Oncology. He has authored more than 600 peer-reviewed international publications and more than 120 chapters, invited papers or proceedings.

He has received many international awards including the prestigious Josef Steiner award and has been decorated by H.M. Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands with the prestigious Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion.

Dr. Pinedo serves on the scientific board of PamGene International B.V. since November 2008. Dr. Pinedo’s work focuses on translational research, in particular, drug resistance, angiogenesis and immunology. “The trick is to see the big picture. I have always found research and patient care to be a great combination.



Dr Bertrand Jordan, Founder and Coordinator of the Marseille-Nice Genopole Genomics Consortium

Bertrand Jordan obtained his PhD in particle physics at CERN, Geneva,then pursued a career in molecular biology within CNRS, France. He directed the Immunology centre in Marseille for a couple of years and later headed up one of the first programs on large scale transcript analysis. He is now formally retired from CNRS but is busy with a number of activities including CoReBio PACA, a coordination of life science core facilities in the French South-East. Bertrand is also active with Ipsogen (spun-out of the CIML in 1999) and presides over their scientific advisory board.



"I first heard of PamGene's technology in 1999, at a microarray meeting in Estonia, and was immediately intrigued and interested. I am happy to have the opportunity of working with this very innovative company to help bring new dimensions to expression profiling, and am convinced of the opportunities open to this high-throughput approach to biomolecular assays."