Behind the Scenes
Scientific background for PamGene's functional assays

Molecular signalling mechanisms are critical for normal functioning of cellular processes. Aberrant behaviour of these signals lead to disruptions in pathways that transduce them, resulting in diseases such as cancer. Complexities in elucidating the key players involved are increased because of crosstalk and feedback loops within networks. It is important to discover the proteins that drive the disease process as they are targets for therapeutics, and just as important to determine the mechanisms of resistance, as they are critical in proposing new combination therapies.

Kinases and Nuclear receptors are two protein families that play critical roles in signal transduction and drive cellular processes. The Figure illustrates crosstalk between Kinases and Nuclear receptors. PamGene's fucntional assays have capabilities to study both. Research focus on these molecules have led to fast-paced advances and innovation in fields of oncology, cardiovascular biology and immunology. Yet the complex puzzle is by no means solved, and we hope to be able to address a few of the questions with our functional peptide arrays.

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Download our Scientific publication describing the modulation of  Estrogen Receptor Alpha by Serine-305 Phosphorylation: