On this page you can find direct downloads for PamGene's posters presented at the the 53rd Society of Toxicology  (SOT) Annual Meeting, held from March 23-27, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

 #1063 Poster Board Number.601 (March 25, 9:00-12:30)

Profiling of Compound-Induced Modulation of ERalpha-Coregulator Interaction As a Means to Compare Bisphenol A Analogs. R. Houtman1, R. van Beuningen1, N. Bastiaensen1, T. Khuc2, B. Goodwin2, C. T. Teng3, and R. R. Tice3. 1PamGene International BV, Den Bosch, Netherlands; 2NCAT, NIH, Rockville, MD; and 3DNTP, NIEHS, Research Triangle Park, NC.


 #1150 Poster Board Number.221 (March 25, 1300-4:30)

Thalidomide Increases Cytochrome P450 Activity and Drug Metabolism in Liver through Direct Activation of Nuclear Receptor CAR and PXR. R. van Beuningen1, N. Murayama2, D. Melchers1, H. Suemizu3, C. Guillouzo4, N. Shibata5, K. Yajima2, M. Utoh2, M. Shimizu2, C. Chesne4, M. Nakamura3, R. Houtman1, and H. Yamazaki2. 1PamGene International BV, Den Bosch, Netherlands; 2Showa Pharmaceutical University, Machida, Japan; 3Central Institute for Experimental Animals, Kawasaki, Japan; 4Biopredic International, Rennes, France; and 5Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Japan.


1154 Poster Board Number.225 (March 25, 1300-4:30)

Profiling of Compound-Induced Modulation of CAR-Coregulator Interactions As a Means to Differentiate between Direct and Indirect CAR Activation. J. P. Groten1, D. Melchers1, R. Van Beuningen1, B. Chorley2, J. Corton2, and R. Houtman1. 1PamGene International BV, Den Bosch, Netherlands; and 2EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC.

R. Houtman
Senior Scientist
R. Van Beuningen
VP Business Development
J. Groten
Managing Director
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