Nuclear Hormone Receptor PamChip

The PamGene technology enables you to monitor the functional activity of nuclear receptors in recruiting cofactors. This can elucidate normal and aberrant gene transcription.


Research into nuclear receptor function

Researchers worldwide are using this innovative platform to accelerate their research into nuclear receptors and nuclear receptor ligands. The research areas vary from immunology, cardiovascular disease to cancer and diabetes.

In crude cell lysates, cell lines and tissue

The nuclear hormone receptor PamChip arrays consist of 53 peptide motifs. These are derived from coactivator and corepressor proteins and have a common binding motif.

You can analyse the nuclear hormone receptor functionality in crude cell lysates and even tumour tissue extracts from breast cancer patients. For instance, for the estrogen receptor, this assay can be performed with recombinant nuclear receptors, in lysates of cell lines, or tissue via a real time fluorescent read-out, using labelled antibodies