Manuals and Protocols

The latest versions of the manuals can be downloaded using the following links

Pamstation12 user manual
Bionavigator user manual
Pamchip annotator user manual


Protocols for PamChip Assays:
PTK-assay user manual
STK-assay user manual
 * The new versions have a change in the lysate dilution mix step and updated catalog numbers for reagents. Additionally small changes for optimizing data are provided. 


Protocols for Sample Preparation:
1140 Protocol for Preparation of Tissue Sections 

1150 Protocol for Preparation of Lysates of Tissue Sections 

1160 Protocol for Preparation of Lysates of Cell Lines or Purified Cells 


** The new versions provide a more detailed protocol, with addtional tips and tricks to get optimal lysates, and updated catalog numbers for reagents required. Samples prepared using previous versions (v3 for 1150 and 1160 and v7 for 1140) can be used for PamChip assays and will be comparable when comparable conditions (e.g. lysis times, storage method etc.) are used.