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PamGene’s Nuclear Receptor ligand profiling services, based on the innovative MARCoNI (Microarray Assay for Real-time Coregulator-Nuclear receptor Interaction) platform, provides functional characterization of Nuclear Receptor ligands through coregulator-based recruitment.
We will help you make fast, informed decisions to advance only those compounds which have a novel or different mechanism of action, are likely to have clinical benefit and are safe.

We are the only company providing true selectivity profiling and functional analysis of your leads across the nuclear receptor target family and selectivity across the nuclear receptor coregulator proteins using a cell-growth free microarray technology called MARCoNI. 

Critical early assessment of your ligands across your nuclear receptor or a panel of nuclear receptor assays and the coregulators in the MARCoNI assay helps you to identify and predict the most attractive biologically relevant lead and thus helps to empower you to make better decisions.

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Key advantages, Unique assets
  • A large panel of 25+ NHRs ready-to screen functionally validated assays to ensure high-quality results
  • Up to 154 multiplex coregulator assay assessing the NHR-compound interactome
  • No blackbox (gene reporter) but molecular insights
  • Measures full as well as partial agonist and antagonist
  • LBD, full length receptor and cell lysate assays
  • Ligand MOA / SAR used in lead prioritization / selection
  • Applicable for on-target pharmacology as well as risk-assessment
MARCoNI Services are available in two types depending on your needs as outlined in the table below:

How to order MARCoNI services
The fast-screening services provide cost-effective profiling and panel assays.

The extensive profiling services provide a full range of assays, technologies and bioinformatics analysis adapted to clients’ specific projects and needs. 

Premium and custom services are available on request.

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