PamChip | Kinase assays

Here you will find worksheets and documents for PamChip Kinase assays.

Experiment Design

Additional information can be accessed on PamWiki 

Evolve Protocols

PamStation12 (Evolve version 2.0.8)



User Manuals and Sample Preparation Protocols

Sample preparation (Lysis protocols), PamChip Kinase assays
Array Layout Files
The following array layout files can be downloaded from PamWiki 
  • STK 87102 Array Layout
  • PTK 86312 Array Layout (144 peptides)
  • PTK 86402 Array Layout (196 peptides) 


PamStation 12 Assay Checklists

Useful operating checklists for running the PS12 assays

  • STK assay


  • PTK assay


PamChip Assay Calculation Sheets

The Excel sheets for calculation of assay mixes can be dowloaded from PamWiki 



BioNavigator Videos

Several videos for Image and Data analysis using BioNavigator can be viewed or dowloaded from PamWiki.



Useful Flyers PamAcademy


Download quick and informative flyers about PamGene assays, technology and data interpretation



Useful links on our website

Kinase assay Applications Scientifc Brochure

Publications and Posters on different Disease areas

PDF links to PamGene Posters

List of peer-reviewed Scientific Publications