PamGene Application Videos
PamGene's technology has resulted in numerous Applications, in different research fields. You can view some of the video presentations here.


Rob Ruijtenbeek, Ph.D. 
Personalized medicine in lung cancer
Riet Hilhorst, Ph.D.
Biomarker discovery in gastric cancer and neuroblastoma
Eric Kalkhoven, Ph.D.
Probing nuclear receptor drugs and diseases by MARCoNI
Prof. Giorgio Inghirami, MD, Ph.D.
Towards precision medicine in lymphoma
Christopher Willey, MD, Ph.D.
Integration of genomic, transcriptomic and kinomic data of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) 
Irene Norstedt
Deputy Head of the Personalised Medicine
Unit, European Commission
Prof. Anne Hansen Ree, MD, Ph.D.
Response prediction in locally advanced rectal carcinoma
René Houtman, Ph.D.
Nuclear receptor profiling using MARCoNI
Timothy Perera, Ph.D.
Response prediction for a multi tyrosine kinase inhibitor