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PamGene is a biomarker company, focusing on new opportunities in the arena of personalized medicine (pre-clinical, translational and clinical).


Most of PamGene’s projects are in oncology and many of these involve medicines that inhibit or modulate cellular kinases and kinase pathways. Our technology is applied for biomarker research in several other diseases and fields of expertise such as the central nervous system, the cardiovascular area, immunology and obesity. PamGene provides access to its technology through offering of Services. In addition, PamGene sells microarray equipment, PamStation, and PamChip microarray products. 

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Prof. Dr. Anne Hansen Ree, MD, Oslo Norway.

“Multiplex kinase activity profiling using PamGene’s kinase arrays suggested we can identify functional biomarkers predictive of tumour response to preoperative CRT in patients with Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer.”

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Our technology is able to measure kinase activity in small biopsies from patients. Since the readout is done kinetically it even allows you to determine sensitivity to kinase inhibitors prior to treatment.This makes personalized medicine a real possibility.

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Are you interested in identifying new signal transduction pathways in the models you are investigating? PamGene's technology allows you to measure activities rather than presence of kinases in your models using its peptide arrays and fully automated workstations.

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